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Zuhair Murads Resort 2025 Collection: A Tapestry of Ancient Phoenicia

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Zuhair Murad’s Resort 2025 Collection: A Tapestry of Ancient Phoenicia

Inspiration from the Homeland

Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad has embarked on a journey to his roots for his Resort 2025 collection, drawing inspiration from the ancient Phoenicia – the forerunner to modern-day Lebanon. This exploration of his homeland’s past has resulted in a collection that whispers with the echoes of the ancient civilization.

A Bridge between Past and Present

The collection echoes the spring 2024 couture line, which also delved into antiquity. Delicate colors and airy fabrics reminiscent of goddess attire create an ethereal ambiance. However, Murad infuses this collection with a contemporary flair, balancing the powdery hues with strong silhouettes and modern touches.

Exploration of Softness

Murad ventures beyond his signature bling in this collection, embracing a softer approach. High-collared, adorned necklines and form-fitting dresses showcase his meticulous construction, while mottled florals and subtle color swathes add depth and elegance. A monochrome striped gown reflects Murad’s exceptional tailoring, promising to make a red carpet appearance soon.

Evolution of Bridal Elegance

Elements from Murad’s bridal collection, such as a sophisticated straight neckline, are reimagined in black for evening wear, carrying forward the refined aesthetic. Hooded gowns exude an enigmatic allure, adding a touch of mystery to the lineup.

Subtle Empowerment through Tweed

Tweed, a fabric Murad introduced in his fall 2023 collection, continues to make a presence in softer hues. This material, favored by Murad’s clientele, has become a subtle statement piece, subtly enhancing the feminine form.

Strengthening the House Codes

Murad reinforces his brand identity with the ZM monogram, which adorns buttons and lace patterns. The collection also features subtle sparkles and sharp details, such as the shoulder of a miniskirt suit, which subtly nod to Murad’s signature style while embracing a new direction.

A Realm of Delicate Beauty and Confidence

This collection by Zuhair Murad is a testament to his ability to blend heritage and modernity. It offers a calming and confident statement amidst uncertain times, inviting us into a realm where delicate beauty and understated elegance reign supreme.