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Where is George Stephanopoulos and Why is He Missing from Good Morning America?

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George Stephanopoulos Missing from ‘Good Morning America’: Absence Explained Amidst Personal Loss

George Stephanopoulos, a familiar face on ABC’s popular morning show ‘Good Morning America’, has been noticeably absent from his hosting duties lately. This has raised concerns among viewers, prompting questions about his whereabouts. Here’s a comprehensive exploration of the circumstances surrounding his absence.

Personal Loss and a Brief Return

Stephanopoulos faced a significant personal setback with the passing of his father, Rev. Dr. Robert G. Stephanopoulos, on June 19th. Stephanopoulos took time off to grieve and support his family during this difficult time. He returned to ‘GMA’ on June 24th, showing remarkable resilience despite his emotional turmoil.

Professional Commitments

In addition to his personal loss, Stephanopoulos has been actively promoting his recently published book, “The Situation Room”. This commitment likely required his presence at promotional events, which may have contributed to his absence from ‘GMA’.

Career Trajectory

Stephanopoulos’s career has been marked by significant milestones. He served as a top advisor to President Bill Clinton and later became a political analyst and correspondent for ABC News. In 2009, he took over as co-anchor of ‘Good Morning America’, contributing to the show’s rise to become the top morning talk show in the United States.

Absence on ‘Good Morning America’

Stephanopoulos’s absence from ‘GMA’ has been felt by viewers who appreciate his insightful commentary. Guest hosts, including Gio Benitez, Rebecca Jarvis, and Linsey Davis, have stepped up in his absence, maintaining the show’s momentum.

Balancing Personal Grief and Professional Responsibilities

Stephanopoulos’s situation highlights the challenges of balancing personal grief with professional obligations. His return to ‘GMA’ showed his commitment to his job, while his subsequent absence demonstrates the need to prioritize family and personal well-being.


George Stephanopoulos’s absence from ‘Good Morning America’ reflects the delicate balance between personal loss and professional responsibilities. While his presence on the show is missed, it is understandable that he needs time to process his father’s passing and fulfill other commitments. Viewers can expect him to return when he is ready, bringing his valuable insights and journalistic expertise back to ‘GMA’.