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What legal battle is Coleen Rooney involved in after Rebekah Vardys libel claim loss?

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Coleen Rooney Faces New Legal Battle After Rebekah Vardy’s Libel Claim


The ongoing legal battle between Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy has captivated the public’s attention. In July 2022, Rooney triumphed in a high-profile libel case against Vardy, who had accused her of leaking details of her private life to the press. The judge ruled that Vardy should pay 90 percent of Rooney’s legal costs.

Current Dispute

However, the saga is far from over. Vardy has presented Rooney with a bill for £325,000, 20 percent of which Rooney is obligated to pay. Rooney, however, is challenging the reasonableness of this bill.

Vardy’s Holiday Amidst Legal Battles

Despite the ongoing legal proceedings, Vardy has been enjoying a luxurious vacation in Thailand with her husband and children. She has been posting photos from her trip, including one of herself relaxing by an infinity pool and another of her children playing on the beach. This has raised eyebrows, with some questioning how she can afford such an extravagant vacation while facing a hefty legal bill.

Rooney’s Financial Burden

Rooney’s challenge stems from her belief that Vardy’s legal bill is excessive. She argues that many of the costs included in the bill are unnecessary or unreasonable. If she loses her challenge, she will be forced to pay a significant amount of money, which could put a strain on her finances.

Implications for Vardy

If Vardy’s bill is deemed unreasonable, it could have serious consequences for her. Not only will she have to pay a higher portion of Rooney’s legal costs, but she may also face criticism for her extravagant lifestyle. This could damage her reputation and make it more difficult for her to secure future endorsements or employment.

Ongoing Legal Proceedings

The latest development in the Rooney-Vardy saga is just one chapter in the ongoing legal battle between the two former friends. The dispute is expected to continue for some time, with both sides determined to defend their positions.


Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy continue to face off in a legal battle that has gripped the public’s imagination. Rooney is challenging the reasonableness of Vardy’s legal bill, while Vardy faces financial uncertainty and potential damage to her reputation. The outcome of this latest dispute remains to be seen, but it is clear that the fallout from the original libel case will continue to reverberate for both parties.