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What is Yusefs key to maintaining energy and confidence according to the article?

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Yusef’s Secrets: Harnessing the Power of Confidence and Unlocking Energy

Yusef’s Journey to Empowerment

Yusef, the esteemed hairstylist behind Rihanna’s magnificent locks, has a profound understanding of the transformative power of confidence. Growing up in a vibrant family of over 20 siblings, Yusef learned the art of leadership at an early age. This formative experience has shaped his approach to hair and makeup artistry, which empowers individuals to exude confidence and embrace their authentic beauty.

The Essence of Confidence

Yusef attributes his unwavering confidence to the inspiring women in his life, particularly the transgender women in the ballroom scene. These “femme queens” embody a spirit of strength and self-assurance that resonates deeply with him.

Being around women and empowering them gives me the utmost, extreme confidence,” Yusef says. He recognizes the transformative influence of the feminine energy and believes in celebrating the pioneers of ballroom culture.

Ballroom: A Crucible of Energy and Camaraderie

The ballroom environment is an infectious hub of energy and camaraderie, according to Yusef. The competitive spirit and supportive atmosphere ignite a sense of purpose and drive.

The ballroom environment is so explosive that even if you’re exhausted, as soon as you walk into that room, you feel that energy,” he explains. “People screaming out their houses and stuff, it’s powerful.

Yusef finds joy in introducing his friends to the captivating world of ballroom, witnessing their transformation from spectators to fervent supporters.

Embrace of Natural Beauty

Yusef played a pivotal role in Rihanna’s journey towards embracing her natural hair. Seven years ago, he discontinued the use of harsh chemicals on her hair, encouraging her to showcase its vibrant and healthy texture.

When we colored it blonde and did the short cut that everybody thought was a wig, it was really her hair. We saw how full and vibrant her hair was,” Yusef recalls.

He attributes Rihanna’s confidence in flaunting her natural curls to a shared understanding of the Black hair experience and a desire to challenge societal norms.

Defying Expectations and Celebrating Authenticity

Yusef and Rihanna have consistently pushed boundaries with their daring hairstyles, receiving both praise and criticism. However, they remain steadfast in their commitment to individuality.

That’s the Black girl experience, right?” Yusef says of the naysayers. “We don’t like to think about it and talk about it (too long). When we would do campaigns with Rihanna and it was like, ‘We want her hair to be short.’ And I’m like, ‘No. We’re going to shave the side and we’re going to put wind on it and we’re going to make it long.’

Yusef believes it’s essential for Black women to embrace the versatility of their hair and explore different styles without judgment. Whether it’s natural curls, intricate braids, or bold wigs, Yusef emphasizes that Black women possess the freedom to express themselves fully.