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What is Nicole Kidmans daughter Bella Kidman-Cruise known for professionally?

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Meet Bella Kidman-Cruise: From Daughter of Hollywood A-Listers to Fashion Designer

Bella Kidman-Cruise, the 31-year-old daughter of Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, has carved a path for herself in the world of fashion, stepping out from the shadow of her famous parents.

Early Life and Family

Born in December 1992, Isabella “Bella” Jane Cruise was adopted by Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise shortly after her birth. The couple, who were once one of Hollywood’s most glamorous, divorced in 2001, and Bella primarily grew up with her father.

Fashion Design Career

Bella’s passion for fashion emerged at a young age, and in 2018, she launched her own clothing line, BKC (Bella Kidman-Cruise). The brand has gained recognition for its eclectic designs, often incorporating bold prints and unexpected textures.

Keeping a Low Profile

Unlike some celebrity children, Bella has chosen to maintain a relatively private life. She rarely attends public events or gives interviews, preferring to focus on her work and personal relationships.

Relationship with Her Parents

Bella’s relationship with her parents has been a topic of speculation in the media. It was reported that she was estranged from her mother due to religious differences, as Bella is a follower of Scientology. However, Nicole Kidman has publicly stated that she loves and supports her daughter, regardless of their beliefs.

Outside the Spotlight

Bella Kidman-Cruise is an example of a young woman who has carved her own path, using her creativity and determination to make a name for herself in the competitive fashion industry. While her famous parents may have played a role in her upbringing, Bella has proven that she is her own independent and talented individual.