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What inspires Romero Jennings to create his makeup looks?

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Romero Jennings: Artful Expression Through Makeup

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Romero Jennings, a seasoned makeup artist renowned for his boundary-pushing creations, draws inspiration from the vibrant tapestry of culture to craft breathtaking makeup looks. His journey from Jamaica to New York City and beyond has shaped his artistic vision, empowering him to elevate the art of makeup with each stroke.

The Birth of a Passion

Jennings’ first encounter with makeup artistry came during his studies in fashion design. While experimenting with hair and makeup on models in the FIT bathroom, he discovered a profound fascination for the transformative power of cosmetics.

Immersion in Japanese Culture

After graduating, Jennings ventured to Japan, where he honed his skills as a makeup artist on fashion and editorial sets. The country’s avant-garde aesthetic and cultural richness left an indelible mark on his artistic development, inspiring him to embrace bold exploration and experimentation.

The Music Video Era

Upon returning to New York City, Jennings transitioned to creating makeup looks for music videos, working with iconic artists like Mary J. Blige and Boyz II Men. This period taught him the importance of thorough preparation and perfecting skincare as a foundation for his artistry.

Cultural Heritage and Inspiration

Jennings’ Jamaican and Latino heritage infuses his work with a vibrant and eclectic spirit. His inspirations stem from diverse sources, including music, dance, and traditional garments. He seamlessly blends elements of different cultures to create unique and captivating makeup looks.

Empowerment Through Makeup

Jennings believes that makeup has the power to empower and transform individuals. He strives to use his craft to highlight personal beauty and self-expression, breaking down societal norms and embracing diversity.

Signature Techniques

Jennings employs innovative techniques to achieve his signature looks. He utilizes MAC’s Hyper Real Serumizer for its skin-perfecting properties and introduces the concept of “glow stacking” to add a luminous dimension to his creations.

Continuous Evolution

Jennings’ artistic vision continues to evolve, driven by an unyielding passion for experimentation and a desire to create captivating and inspiring makeup looks. He collaborates with photographers, fashion designers, and other artists to push the boundaries of his craft and explore the boundless possibilities of makeup as an art form.

Mentorship and Inspiration

Jennings is passionate about mentoring aspiring makeup artists and sharing his knowledge with the next generation. He believes in the power of listening and fostering a collaborative environment to nurture the growth of aspiring artists.


Romero Jennings’ artistic odyssey demonstrates the transformative power of makeup as a medium for self-expression, cultural exploration, and empowerment. His unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of his craft inspires countless artists and serves as a testament to the enduring allure of makeup as a limitless form of artistic expression.