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What iconic French film heroines inspired the designers lineup of sporty chic silhouettes?

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Patou’s Chic Designs Inspired by French Film Heroines

Paris – After days of traffic and heat, the serene courtyard of the National Institute for Deaf Youth offered a refreshing setting for Patou’s show.

Inspiration from the Silver Screen

Guillaume Henry, the designer, chose this location for its movie-like charm. He drew inspiration from retro actresses like Stéphane Audran and Delphine Seyrig, saying, “I grew up with film characters instead of fashion magazines.”

“Like a director choosing his actresses, I celebrated women who inspire me,” he added.

Sporty and Chic Silhouettes

Henry’s collection showcased sporty chic silhouettes. The opening ecru jacket and skirt channeled 1970s sophistication, while micro bubble skirts paired with sweaters and jackets provided a Gen Z-friendly update.

Low belts added a touch of the 1920s, and baby pink and blue tweed shift dresses exuded a youthful charm. The designer’s knack for capturing French style was evident in classic black blazers and flared jeans, as well as a show-stopping polka dot minidress.

Petal Power

Henry’s final looks brought petal shapes to life, culminating in a graceful pink taffeta gown with a bold bow. “I wanted to bring back gentleness,” he said. “Rose, my fictional character, brings a touch of sweetness.”

Celebrities and a Gatecrashing Bee

Katie Holmes, Maya Rudolph, and Kelly Rutherford were among the glamorous guests. However, a bee also joined the conversation, prompting Constance Jablonski to flee and Zooey Deschanel to come to the rescue with her fan.

Henry’s collection was a celebration of French style and the enduring allure of cinematic heroines. It proved that even in a bustling city, fashion can offer a moment of tranquility and inspiration.