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What Compliments Did Nicole Kidman Make About Her Daughters in April?

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Nicole Kidman Praises Her Daughters As Her Pillars of Strength

In an interview in April, Academy Award-winning actress Nicole Kidman shared heartfelt compliments about her daughters, who she credits for her success and resilience.

Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret: Kidman’s Devoted Partners

Kidman shares two daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret, with her husband, country music star Keith Urban. She holds them in the highest regard, expressing her deep affection and gratitude for their role in her life.

“They’re just lovely people,” Kidman gushed. “I’m so lucky to have them.”

A Mother’s Love and Support

Kidman highlights the bond between a mother and her daughters as an unbreakable source of comfort and support. She confides that her daughters give her the strength to pursue her career without reservation, knowing that she has a loving home to return to.

“They give me the ability to go and do whatever I have to do because I know where I can come back to,” she said.

Inspiring the Woman She Is Today

Kidman believes that her daughters have profoundly shaped her character and outlook on life. Their presence in her life has fostered a sense of purpose and joy.

“I’m raising a soon-to-be 16-year-old and a 13-year-old who are divine,” she said. “They’re just lovely people and I’m so lucky that I have Keith, who’s just my love, my deep, deep love.”

Watts Echoes Kidman’s Sentiments

Kidman’s fellow Australian actress Naomi Watts shares similar sentiments about the love she has for her children. Last year, she shared an emotional tribute to her son, Kai, on his 14th birthday.

“You are everything to me. I’m so lucky to be your mum,” Watts wrote. “Keep dancing and showing the world your dynamic and glorious spirit.”

The Enduring Impact of Motherhood

Kidman and Watts’s heartfelt comments underscore the profound impact that motherhood can have on a woman’s life. The love, support, and inspiration they derive from their children are a testament to the transformative power of this bond.