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What are the benefits of space tourism without the trouble and expense experienced through a star tan?

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Tanning Under Alien Suns: Your Space Tourism Dream Made Possible**

Space tourism is every astronomy enthusiast’s dream, but the reality of such an adventure can be daunting, both financially and logistically. Enter stellar tanning, the innovative concept that brings the experience of otherworldly suns to Earth, minus the hassle and expense.

The Stellar Tanning Salon Experience**

At the “stellar tanning salon,” you can bask under lamps that simulate the light of various stars. From the brilliant Vega to the colossal Betelgeuse, the salon offers a range of cosmic tanning options. Each star’s unique spectrum creates an immersive experience, transporting you to alien worlds with every session.

Beyond Earthly Boundaries**

Conceptual artist Jonathon Keats, the mind behind this groundbreaking project, aims to shift our perspectives and ignite a sense of wonder for the vast cosmos. “A star tan allows you to experience life on alien planets vicariously,” Keats explains. “You’ll feel the benefits of space tourism without the trouble and expense.”

A Touch of the Extraterrestrial**

To further immerse visitors in this cosmic adventure, the salon serves meteorite mineral water, infused with the essence of other worlds. And, who knows, you might even encounter a Martian basking under a different star’s glow, as the salon welcomes beings from all corners of the universe.

Expanding Horizons**

The Munich installation is just the starting point for Keats’ vision. He dreams of stellar tanning salons in distant galaxies and even beyond our solar system. “Ideally, we’ll have salons on planets orbiting other stars. It’s only fair to share our sun’s light while experiencing theirs,” Keats says.


Stellar tanning is an innovative and captivating way to experience the wonders of space tourism without leaving Earth. It’s an invitation to expand our perspectives, embrace our cosmic connections, and appreciate the beauty of the universe that surrounds us.

So, if you’ve ever longed for a glimpse of life beyond Earth, book your appointment at the stellar tanning salon. Let the light of alien suns kiss your skin and transport you to the vast expanse of the cosmos.