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What are Kate Spade and Heinz partnering on that includes ketchup-themed fashion items?

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Kate Spade and Heinz: A Collaboration Serving Up Summer Style

Prepare your palates, fashionistas! Kate Spade has joined forces with everyone’s favorite condiment, Heinz, to bring you a drool-worthy collection that’s sure to make a splash this summer.

Introducing “Condiment Couture”

Gone are the days when ketchup was just for your hot dog. Kate Spade has transformed the iconic Heinz logo and packaging into wearable works of art. From handbags shaped like actual ketchup packets to loafers adorned with the condiment’s signature red, this collection is a feast for the fashion-forward.

The highlight of the show is undoubtedly the white cross-body purse featuring a 3-D design of ketchup spilling out of a torn packet. Its asymmetrical zipper is a playful nod to the classic condiment dispenser.

Elevating Your Cookout Game

This “condiment couture” isn’t just for the runway. It’s perfect for elevating your summer cookout style. The collection includes a tomato-red tote with the Heinz logo and “tear here” details, making it the ultimate accessory for bringing your own ketchup.

Pair it with a Heinz logo T-shirt and denim shorts for a casual and chic barbecue outfit that’s sure to turn heads. The collection also includes smaller items like phone cases, coin pouches, and keychains, letting you embrace ketchup-inspired style from head to toe.

Unleashing the Power of Self-Expression

“We believe in exploring the journey of self-expression through style in fun, unexpected ways,” says Jennifer Lyu, SVP and Head of Design at Kate Spade. This collaboration is a testament to their vision, offering a playful and unexpected way to inject some summer fun into your wardrobe.

The Fusion of Food and Fashion

Behind this unique partnership lies Kraft Heinz’s global creative strategy, which celebrates the “irrational love” consumers have for their ketchup. Heinz and Kate Spade have taken this adoration a step further, transforming the condiment’s iconic identity into a symbol of both taste and style.

“At HEINZ, we love to celebrate the unique and unconventional ways our fans show their love for us,” says Megan Lang, Head of Global Heinz Brand Communications and Creativity. This collection is the perfect way to do just that, allowing fans to express their passion for Heinz in a fashionable and lighthearted manner.

Availability and Pricing

The Kate Spade and Heinz collaboration drops on July 8th at katespade.com. Prices range from $40 for a phone case to $398 for the cross-body bag, ensuring there’s something for every ketchup enthusiast’s budget.


Whether you’re a self-proclaimed foodie or simply appreciate the art of playful fashion, this collaboration is a must-have for your summer wardrobe. So, get ready to add some ketchup-inspired spice to your style and embrace the irresistible charm of “condiment couture.”