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Wednesday 13s Tenth Album: An Ode to Horror Punk Roots and Collaborative Spirit

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Wednesday 13’s Tenth Album Promises a Rocking Comeback

By Senior Editor

Back to the Basics: A Whiff of Nostalgia

Wednesday 13, the horror punk maestro known for his eclectic style and gritty tunes, is set to record his much-anticipated tenth solo album. The album will mark a return to the roots that brought him acclaim. Set for an early 2025 release via Napalm Records, it has fans on the edge of their seats.

The announcement was made by Wednesday 13 himself through a social media post, where he expressed his eagerness to dive back into the studio. “Next week we begin recording the new Wednesday 13 album. I plan on taking the music back toward the sounds of the first few albums. I will also be playing guitar on this recording which will be the first time since Calling All Corpses in 2011.”

Revisiting the Murderdolls Vibe

During an interview with Metalshop earlier this year, Wednesday disclosed that the upcoming album might have a hint of his later glam punk days. “I started demoing some songs before this [European] tour, just to see what came out of my head. And I have, like, six or seven ideas and it’s a little more Murderdolls-ish, I guess,” he mentioned, referring to his former band Murderdolls.

The connection to Murderdolls seems almost inevitable. Wednesday 13 has been on the road performing Murderdolls hits, keeping the spirit of the band alive. “It’s got more of a free-spirited rock and roll, punk [vibe], so that’s sort of in my brain again. So the music’s sort of reflecting that. Will it stay that way? I don’t know,” he added.

A Tribute to a Dear Friend

Fans can expect some emotionally charged and personal tracks on the upcoming album. Wednesday 13 revealed that one of the new songs, “I Have This Knife,” is influenced by the iconic horror movie Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Notably, the song is also a tribute to his late Murderdolls bandmate, Joey Jordison. The memory of Jordison, a talented drummer and a close friend, permeates this project. “This next record is going to be special to me. It’s the tenth one. It can’t just be the tenth album. This one has to be as good as the first one for me. And I want to make it like that,” he said.

A Collaborative Effort

Wednesday 13’s current band members include Murderdolls alumni Roman Surman and Jack Tankersley. The synergy of this lineup is expected to give the album an edge that fans adore. “I don’t ever try to do one thing; I just write what I write and let it come out,” said Wednesday. This freedom, coupled with collaboration, promises a unique and enjoyable process, allowing creative sparks to fly freely.

On Tour and In Memory

The announcement comes as Wednesday 13 wraps up a tour celebrating Murderdolls’ legacy. The tour was an experience filled with nostalgia and emotion, especially considering the band’s hiatus after the release of Women And Children Last in 2010. The tour has been a rollercoaster of emotions, rekindling memories of live performances with the likes of Iron Maiden and Foo Fighters.

In 2018, Wednesday 13 reunited with Murderdolls bandmates Eric Griffin and Acey Slade for the first time in over a decade to honor another fallen comrade, Ben “The Ghoul” Graves. Graves, who passed away after battling cancer, was remembered for his contributions to the band and his legacy in the metal community.

Looking Forward

As Wednesday 13 gears up for this new chapter, its essence feels like a heartfelt nod to his journey, honoring old friends while embracing new creative horizons. The murmurings of nostalgia, coupled with the forward momentum, promise an album that is as much a trip back in time as it is a step into the future.

Stay tuned to Wednesday 13’s social media for updates from the studio throughout July. Fans have every reason to be excited for what’s coming next.