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U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials Viewer Surge Ignites Excitement for Tokyo Olympics

user2024-06-19 13:44

**U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials Soar in Viewership, Surpassing 2021**

The excitement for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics has ignited, as the first three nights of the U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials on NBC have captivated a growing audience.

**Viewership Surge**

The 2022 Trials have witnessed a substantial surge in viewership compared to the previous event in 2021. With the addition of streaming viewership not tracked by Nielsen, the first three nights averaged an impressive 3.13 million viewers on NBC. This represents a significant increase of 17% from the 2.67 million viewers who tuned in during the same period in 2021.

The opening night of the Trials drew 3.04 million viewers, marking a notable improvement over the 2.59 million viewers who witnessed the inaugural night of competition in 2021.

**Upswing in Diving Coverage**

The Trials have not only enthralled swimming enthusiasts but have also garnered increased attention for diving. The first night of the diving trials averaged 2.74 million viewers, representing an impressive 42% jump from the 1.93 million viewers who tuned in during the first night of the 2021 diving trials.

**Lagging Behind Pre-Pandemic Levels**

While the current viewership figures are encouraging, they still fall short of the pre-pandemic levels of 2016. During the 2016 Trials, the first two nights of competition drew an average of 5.2 and 4.5 million viewers, respectively.

**Exploring the Reasons**

Several factors may have contributed to the increased viewership for this year’s Trials. The growing anticipation for the Tokyo Olympics, the absence of other major sporting events, and the captivating performances of Team USA’s star swimmers have all played a role.

**Streaming’s Impact**

The inclusion of streaming viewership in this year’s data underscores the growing significance of digital platforms in the sports media landscape. The availability of live streaming services such as Peacock and fuboTV has made it easier for fans to access the Trials anytime, anywhere.

**Aspirations for Tokyo**

The strong viewership for the U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials bodes well for Team USA’s chances at the Tokyo Olympics. The Trials have served as a showcase for the nation’s top swimmers and divers, who will now look to translate their success in Omaha to the global stage.


The U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials have captured the imagination of sports fans, with viewership surging from 2021 to 2022. While the pandemic has presented challenges, the event has demonstrated the resilience of the sport and the enduring appeal of the Olympic Games. As the Tokyo Olympics approach, the Trials have set the stage for a thrilling competition and have fueled the anticipation for Team USA’s quest for gold.