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Transgender and Plus-Sized Pageant Winners: Pioneers of Inclusive Beauty Standards

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Transgender and Plus-Sized Pageant Winners Break Barriers in the Industry

In a ground-breaking move, transgender woman Bailey Anne Kennedy and plus-sized model Sara Milliken have shattered norms by winning Miss Maryland and Alabama’s National American Miss pageants, respectively. Their victories are a significant step forward in the inclusivity of beauty contests.

Kennedy’s Historic Triumph

Bailey Anne Kennedy, 31, made history as the first transgender woman and Asian American to win Miss Maryland USA. Her triumph is a significant moment in the representation of marginalized communities. As she prepares for the Miss USA competition, Kennedy hopes to inspire LGBTQ+ youth.

Milliken Defies Body Standards

Sara Milliken, 23, brought a refreshing change to pageantry by winning Alabama’s National American Miss. Her plus-sized figure challenged the traditional skinny ideal prevalent in the industry and promoted body positivity. Milliken aims to inspire others to embrace their uniqueness.

Social Media Backlash and Support

Both winners have faced online criticism from conservative groups. Kennedy has been attacked for being transgender, while Milliken has been targeted for her size. However, they have received overwhelming support from the LGBTQ+ community and advocates for inclusivity.

Positive Impact on Pageantry

The victories of Kennedy and Milliken have ignited a dialogue about the evolution of beauty standards and the importance of representation. Their triumphs have inspired other transgender and plus-sized individuals to pursue their dreams in pageantry.

Breaking Barriers in the Beauty Industry

Kennedy’s and Milliken’s victories are not isolated incidents. Other transgender women have also made their mark in pageantry. In 2021, Kataluna Enriquez became the first trans woman to compete in Miss USA, and in 2022, two trans women competed in Miss Universe, further normalizing transgender representation.

Moving Forward with Inclusivity

The increased visibility and acceptance of transgender and plus-sized pageant winners are positive signs for the future. The beauty industry is slowly recognizing that diversity and inclusivity are key to reflecting the true beauty of our society.


Bailey Anne Kennedy and Sara Milliken’s pageant victories are a testament to the changing face of the beauty industry. They have challenged outdated standards and opened doors for marginalized communities to participate and succeed. Their triumphs are a reminder that everyone deserves to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin.