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Milan Fashion Week: Designers Address Global Issues Through Spring-Summer 2025 Collections

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Milan Fashion Week: Designers Weave Global Issues into Their Collections

As the world grapples with ongoing challenges, designers at Milan Fashion Week have chosen to express their concerns through their Spring-Summer 2025 collections. While not making explicit statements, their creations speak volumes about the current global turbulence.

Prada: Cultivating Optimism

Miuccia Prada believes in cultivating optimism, even amidst adversity. Her Prada collection plays with the idea of imperfection, featuring garments that appear shrunken or oversized, inviting a closer examination. Neutral colors are accented by vibrant shades reminiscent of a mother or grandmother’s wardrobe. The setting of the show – a simple white hut with a picket fence – evokes youth and hope, a message aimed at encouraging young people to engage with the world’s challenges.

Simon Cracker: Untangling Knots

Filippo Biraghi and Simone Botte of Simon Cracker utilize upcycled materials to create a collection that addresses the world’s complexities. Garments are held together by laces and drawstrings, representing the knots that need to be untied. The somber color palette symbolizes the “nervous” state of the world, while the unique, repurposed pieces highlight the beauty of imperfection.

JW Anderson: Seeking Solace in “Real Sleep”

JW Anderson’s collection offers a comforting escape from the world’s complexities. The designer envelops the body in soft, pillowy garments, providing a sense of protection. Oversized quilted jackets and voluminous yarn structures create a sense of coziness. However, Anderson’s humorous touch is evident in intarsia recreations of Georgian houses and a capsule collection featuring images of a vintage Guinness campaign.

Fashion as a Platform for Expression

These Milan Fashion Week collections demonstrate the power of fashion as a platform for expression. Designers are not afraid to use their creations to address global issues, inspiring conversations and encouraging reflection. By weaving these themes into their collections, they remind us that fashion is not just about aesthetics but also about connecting with the human experience.