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Kartik Kumras Fusion of Indian Heritage and Modern Trends in Spring 2025 Collection

user2024-06-19 19:33

**Elements That Inspired Kartik Kumra’s Spring 2025 Collection**

Kartik Kumra’s Spring 2025 menswear collection showcased a fusion of Indian heritage and modern trends. Drawing inspiration from his roots, Kumra incorporated elements of traditional Indian art and architecture into his designs.

**Cultural Responsibility**

As Kartik Research becomes the representative Indian ready-to-wear brand, Kumra felt a sense of responsibility to incorporate cultural elements into his collection. However, he also aimed for these elements to feel fresh and relevant to a contemporary audience.

**Hand-Embroidered Motifs**

One of the standout pieces from the collection was a naturally dyed indigo silk jacket adorned with a golden wave-like graphic inspired by the India cricket jersey from 1999. Kumra hand-embroidered the motif, adding a personal touch to the design. Another motif, inspired by a photo of an Indian apartment building’s wall, was printed on silk using a less traditional repetitive method.

**Block Prints and Old Chintz Embroideries**

Kumra also incorporated block prints and old chintz embroideries into the collection. These traditional techniques were refreshed by framing them in modern ways that felt appropriate for the current time. Handloom cotton was decorated with embroidered old chintz prints, creating a unique blend of past and present.

**Exclusive Converse Sneakers**

Kumra collaborated with Converse to create 12 exclusive pairs of sneakers for the collection. Some of the sneakers were encrusted with tiny mirrors, adding a touch of glamour to the footwear.

**Sustainability and Upcycling**

Sustainability remains a core principle for Kartik Research. The collection was made without electricity, and the denim used was upcycled. Kumra emphasized the importance of ethical and environmentally friendly practices in fashion.

**Womenswear on Hold**

After one season, Kumra decided to pause the womenswear line in order to focus on finding a distribution channel. The brand recently opened a store in Delhi, and a New York location is expected to open later this year.


Kartik Kumra’s Spring 2025 collection was a thoughtful and innovative exploration of Indian culture and heritage. By incorporating traditional elements into modern designs, Kumra showcased the versatility and timelessness of Indian aesthetics. The collection also highlighted the brand’s commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, setting a strong example for the future of fashion.