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Jaylen Brown to Inspire Youth at Paris Fashion Week with 7uice Collaboration

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Jaylen Brown to Inspire Youth at Paris Fashion Week with 7uice Collaboration

After leading the Boston Celtics to an epic NBA championship victory, Jaylen Brown is set to make a grand play at Paris Fashion Week, showcasing the debut collaboration between his brand, 7uice, and Namesake, a basketball-inspired label founded by Taiwanese brothers Michael and Steve Hsieh.

Brown’s mission:

Jaylen Brown’s mission is to inspire young attendees by hosting a basketball game where aspiring players from his hometown, Boston, will face off against a local team backed by Namesake.

The teams will even design their own jerseys, adding a touch of creativity and ownership to the event.

“I’m more excited to give my 7uice players a chance to experience the world of fashion and creativity on a grand scale than I am to see 7uice on the runway,” Brown said.

The game will take place far from the glitz and glamour of Paris Fashion Week’s main events, in the city’s northern 19th arrondissiment.

“Our goal was to bring fashion week to kids who don’t usually get to experience it,” said Steve Hsieh. “We want it to be as inclusive and open to everyone as possible.”

Brown emphasizes that inclusion is paramount, especially in major city events that often overshadow local communities. “All are welcome, and all are included,” said Brown. “This should be a fun and exciting event for the entire community.”

Breaking Down Barriers and Inspiring the Future

Having attended Virgil Abloh’s groundbreaking first Louis Vuitton show, Brown’s creative journey took a new turn. The Hsieh brothers, running Namesake from Taiwan while showcasing their designs in Paris, share a similar experience as fashion outsiders.

“We’re not from a fashion city, and basketball is our passion. We’ve always wanted to make fashion more accessible to people outside the fashion community,” said Michael Hsieh.

Uniting Cultures and Bold Designs

The collaboration pieces presented on the runway blend traditional Chinese characters, Mayan motifs, Brown’s jersey number 7, Namesake’s iconography of 3, and chess symbols into oversized, eye-catching graphics. Some designs even feature Brown’s tweets and favorite phrases.

"Jaylen truly believes in the power of words," said Steve Hsieh. "The graphics encourage you to chase your dreams and inspire you with positive messages."

Seeing all these people come together at the game brings more joy to us as a family than just the show itself,” said Michael Hsieh.

Shared Values and Family Legacy

Brown’s collaboration with Namesake extends beyond their mutual love of basketball. The pillars of his brand—community, energy, and style—align perfectly with the Hsieh brothers’ “like-minded approach.”

“What really sealed the deal for me was 7uice’s hidden fourth ‘glue’ of a pillar: family,” said Brown. “Much like the team behind 7uice, Namesake’s operation team includes family and friends who share our vision and energy.”