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How did BEAMS Upgrade the Birkenstock Zurich Slide in a Stylish Way Using Texture?

user2024-06-29 04:11

**BEAMS’ Luxe Upgrade: Textured Birkenstock Zurich Slide**

As summer heats up, Birkenstock’s iconic sandals are back in the spotlight, and fashion powerhouse BEAMS has taken the classic Zurich slide to a whole new level. Rather than simply introducing a new colorway, BEAMS has given this timeless sandal a stylish makeover using texture.

**A Subtle Yet Sublime Enhancement**

While you can’t go wrong with a classic suede or leather Birkenstock, BEAMS has taken inspiration from the unassuming Zurich sandal and given it a touch of finesse. Known for its understated popularity in Japan, the Zurich slide has received a subtle yet transformative upgrade.

**Embossed Swirls: A Touch of Elegance**

BEAMS’ Birkenstock collaboration showcases the Zurich sandal in a timeless beige hue, but the magic lies in the intricate embossed swirls adorned on the thick strap. This simple yet effective design adds a dash of elegance that sets the sandal apart from its conventional counterparts.

**A Lesson in Collaborations**

BEAMS’ approach to this collaboration offers a valuable lesson for others. Instead of drastically altering an already flawless silhouette, they have respectfully reimagined the Zurich slide, maintaining its classic color and embracing a timeless material. The addition of the embossed swirls is a subtle yet impactful way to elevate the sandal’s aesthetic without compromising its iconic charm.

**A Timeless Classic, Reinvigorated**

BEAMS’ textured Birkenstock Zurich slide is a testament to the power of thoughtful design enhancements. By adding a touch of spice to the timeless blueprint, BEAMS has created a shoe that is both stylish and enduring. It raises the question: could other suede Birkenstock sandals benefit from similar modest yet revitalizing additions?

**A Stylish Statement**

The BEAMS x Birkenstock Zurich slide is not just a sandal; it’s a statement piece. It embodies the perfect balance between classic elegance and understated style. Whether you’re strolling through city streets or lounging by the pool, these sandals will elevate your summer wardrobe.


BEAMS’ textured Birkenstock Zurich slide is a masterclass in stylish upgrades. By respecting the original design while adding a touch of creativity, BEAMS has created a shoe that is both timeless and utterly chic. It’s a reminder that even the most classic pieces can be revitalized with subtle enhancements, resulting in a wardrobe essential that will turn heads season after season.