Editorial Policy – newstorypurple.com

The aim of this document is to outline the ethical and editorial standards followed by all our journalists working for newstorypurple.comEditorial Missionnewstorypurple.com is a media company dedicated to helping citizens and consumers make important decisions on topics including  education, health, money, news, cars and travel by providing them in-depth information and knowledge. newstorypurple.com publishes news, facts, information and advice that has earned the trust of our readers and users. newstorypurple.com strives to empower its users and readers and support their decision-making. However, we encourage all to consult relevant professionals before making decisions.Objectivitynewstorypurple.com is editorially independent in its reporting and it operates in the public interest. Since its founding in 2020, newstorypurple.com has espoused the values of ethical journalism, to ensure accurate, fair and in-depth information.TransparencyA crucial element of ethical and objective journalism, transparency means openness about the sources we use, such as providing links to official sources, studies and original research papers. It also means transparency about who is writing the content. All authors at newstorypurple.com are clearly identified at the top of each article, with biographies that include their experiences, expertise and affiliations.AccuracyAuthors and editors ensure that content on the website is well-sourced and checked by copy editors for truthfulness and timeliness.ImpartialityBalanced news coverage sans bias is the operating principle ofnewstorypurple.com.Types of workNews piece: Based on facts, verified by editors. Explainer: Break-down of complex issues into understandable content. Listicle: Article made of a list, usually with some kind of extra detail to each item. Expert advice: Article containing views and advice from experts. Review: Critiques of events, gadget and automobile launches, shows and movies. Fact Check: Debunking fake news and viral stories that need verification. Live Blog: Developing news updates on elections, speeches, Parliament sessions, cricket matches, Oscars and other big events.