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Dee Clayton Classic: Celebrating Fitness Successes and Embracing Innovations

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Dee Clayton’s Fitness Events Continue to Expand Horizons

Dee Clayton Classic and the Northern Marianas Bodybuilding Federation Competition:

On Saturday, at the Saipan World Resort, Jhoy Revilla became the proud winner of the fitness pageant at the 2023 Dee Clayton Classic & Northern Marianas Bodybuilding Federation competition.

Revilla and six other contestants graced the stage in elegant gowns that enhanced their stunning figures. Revilla, a 35-year-old first-time competitor on Saipan, showcased her impressive physique and elegance, earning her the coveted title and the first-place spot in the masters division.

Upcoming Event Innovations:

Dee Clayton, the organizer of the event, revealed her plans for introducing new elements to future events. Clayton expressed her eagerness to incorporate categories such as beauty pageants for senior citizens and top models alongside the mainstay bodybuilding competitions. She believes that these changes will add variety and cater to a broader audience.

Reflecting on the Past and Looking to the Future:

Clayton acknowledged the significant role that the DC Classic has played over the past 14 years. As the event approaches its 15th anniversary next year, Clayton remains committed to maintaining the high level of excitement and community involvement that have made the DC Classic a beloved tradition.

The Enduring Legacy of Bodybuilding:

Despite the absence of female bodybuilders and a smaller number of participants this year, Clayton emphasized the enduring legacy of bodybuilding. She highlighted the dedication of athletes who prioritize their health and fitness. Clayton also expressed her understanding of those who may need to take breaks from competition for personal reasons.

A Vibrant Future for Fitness Events:

Clayton’s passion for fitness and community engagement continues to drive her vision for future events. By introducing new categories and collaborating with the community, Dee Clayton’s fitness events promise to remain a cornerstone of healthy living and entertainment on Saipan.