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Coleson Wade Filkins: The Young Star Who Stole Hearts at Smithville Jamboree Pageant

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Coleson Wade Filkins Takes Home Coveted Award in Jamboree Pageant

Lebanon, TN – Amidst the vibrant energy and festive atmosphere of the Smithville Jamboree pageant, young Coleson Wade Filkins emerged as a shining star, capturing the hearts of judges and spectators alike. The 11-month-old son of Austin and Sylar Filkins of Lebanon was crowned the winner in the boys 7-12 months category.

Coleson’s exceptional qualities shone through during the competition, earning him the prestigious title. The judges were particularly impressed by his captivating eyes, charming smile, and adorable attire. His infectious personality and unwavering spirit radiated throughout the auditorium.

A Symphony of Charm and Cuteness

From the moment he took the stage, Coleson commanded attention with his adorable looks and endearing demeanor. His big, expressive eyes sparkled with both curiosity and confidence. His infectious smile illuminated the room, spreading joy to all who beheld it.

A Fashion Icon in the Making

Coleson’s keen fashion sense was evident in his stylish outfit that perfectly complemented his playful personality. The judges were particularly enamored by his vibrant attire, which showcased his cheerful and vibrant spirit.

A People’s Champion

In addition to his impressive physical attributes, Coleson also won over the hearts of the audience. As he walked down the runway, his infectious charm captivated the crowd, earning him the coveted People’s Choice award. His playful demeanor and ability to connect with others made him an instant favorite.

A Proud Family’s Joy

Coleson’s parents, Austin and Sylar Filkins, beamed with pride as they witnessed their son’s triumph. They expressed their gratitude to the pageant organizers and judges for recognizing Coleson’s exceptional qualities.

“We are so overjoyed that Coleson won this award,” said Austin Filkins. “He is such a special little boy, and he deserves all the recognition he can get.”

A Future Star in the Making

Coleson’s success in the Jamboree pageant is a testament to his natural charm and potential. As he continues to grow and develop, he is sure to shine even brighter, leaving an unforgettable mark on the hearts of those who meet him.