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Boho Blonde: Embrace Effortless Ethereal Hair with Lived-In Beachy Vibes

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Boho Blonde: The Return of Effortless, Ethereal Hair

With the resurgence of free-spirited fashion trends like flowy fabrics and wide-leg denim, it’s no surprise that the bohemian aesthetic has also made its way into the realm of hair coloring. Meet “boho blonde,” the latest hair color trend inspired by the iconic hippie-chic style of the early 2000s.

Characteristics of Boho Blonde

Christel Barron-Hough, founder of London’s STIL salon, describes boho blonde as a color trend that embodies lightness, movement, and fluidity. It’s a low-maintenance, natural-looking color that combines multi-dimensional shades to create a lived-in, beachy effect.

How to Achieve Boho Blonde

To achieve this coveted hair hue, colourists employ a combination of highlights, painting, and balayage. Highlights lighten and add texture, while surface color provides dimension and flow. Roots are blended with the rest of the hair for a seamless, natural finish. Specific areas are then hand-painted with surface color to create depth.

Best Skin Tones for Boho Blonde

According to Barron-Hough, skin tone plays a crucial role in determining whether boho blonde will complement your natural complexion. She recommends finding a colourist who can adjust the palette to suit your warm or cool undertones. The beauty of this color trend lies in its versatility, as it can be tailored to flatter most skin hues.

Considerations for Hair Type

The starting point of your hair color is also an important factor. Boho blonde can be achieved from most blonde starting points, whether it’s brighten all over or adding subtle tones to platinum blonde. However, if your hair is significantly dark, it may require multiple sessions to reach the desired level of blondeness.

Styling Boho Blonde Hair

To channel the effortless, bohemian vibe, Barron-Hough recommends styling boho blonde hair with mermaid waves. These loose, flowing waves create a hint of movement and bring out the dreamy, summery essence of the look. Pair it with gold jewelry, a sheer romantic dress, or a stylish cape for the ultimate boho ensemble.

Essential Products for Boho Blonde


Boho blonde is an enchanting hair color trend that embodies the spirit of bohemian chic. Its natural-looking multi-dimensional shades create a lived-in, effortless effect that’s perfect for those seeking a low-maintenance, ethereal look. Whether you have a fair complexion or warm undertones, this versatile color can be customized to flatter your unique beauty. Embrace the bohemian spirit and let your hair become a canvas for this dreamy, sun-kissed hue.