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2024 Greater Alliance Carnation Festival: Pageant Crowns New Queen Amid Enchanting Events and Festivities

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2024 Greater Alliance Carnation Festival: A Vibrant Celebration of Summer

Pageant to Crown New Queen

Sixteen graceful young women will grace the stage on July 27th at the Greater Alliance Carnation Festival Pageant. The pageant will determine the 2024 Carnation Festival Queen, who will represent the festival during its enchanting festivities.

A Month of Enchanting Events

Leading up to the festival’s grand debut on August 1st, a myriad of events will unfold:

  • Business Display Contest (July 15-August 2): Businesses showcase their creative designs on Facebook, vying for the coveted Business Display Award.
  • Royal Afternoon at the Castle (July 21): Young princesses will create their own crowns, collect coloring sheets, and capture memories with the 2023 Carnation Queen and court.
  • Shakespeare at the Castle (July 25-28, August 1-4): The timeless tale of “Romeo & Juliet” comes alive at the majestic Glamorgan Castle.
  • Vintage Baseball (July 28): Step back in time as players don authentic uniforms and revive the rules of yesteryear on the castle grounds.

Meet the Candidates for Carnation Queen

Each of the sixteen contestants represents a different sponsor and brings unique charm to the competition:

  • Lilyan Ronske: Tannenhauf Golf Club
  • Victoria Lane: The KeyGroup at RealLyrical
  • Caitlin Tasker: Nails by Bailee
  • Chloe Cantwell: Heggy’s Confectionery
  • Alexandra Ritchie: 330 Tropical Sno
  • Kaitlyn Waite: White Physical Therapy
  • Ariana Aldridge: Tanner Real Estate
  • Oneal Everett: A-Town Auto Worx
  • Avery Steiner: Alliance Lions Club
  • Jayda Patrick: The Butler’s Touch Carpet Cleaning
  • Kacie Bench: Bench Electric
  • Sophia Ayers: Burger Hut
  • Isabella Hall: Manhattan Cleaning Service
  • Karley Bernard: Ohio Rack
  • Sophia Thomas: Dean’s Funeral Home
  • Chloe Jordan: Chadz Customz

A Festival that Promises Unforgettable Memories

Throughout its ten-day run, the Greater Alliance Carnation Festival will offer a captivating array of activities for all ages:

  • Spectacular Fireworks: Experience the dazzling display of fireworks that light up the night sky.
  • Live Music and Entertainment: Enjoy concerts, parades, and performances that fill the festival grounds with lively tunes.
  • Carnival and Games: Engage in thrilling carnival rides, challenge your skills at games, and win prizes.
  • Food and Drink Delights: Savor delectable food and beverages from local vendors, tantalizing your taste buds with an endless array of flavors.
  • Community Fair: Discover local artisans, support local businesses, and immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of the Alliance community.

Mark Your Calendars for a Summer Filled with Joy

From its captivating pageant to its enchanting events and unforgettable festivities, the 2024 Greater Alliance Carnation Festival promises to be an unforgettable celebration of summer. Mark your calendars and prepare yourself for ten days of pure joy and enchantment.